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Get in Top Shape for Summer – How Supplements can Help

Summers just around the corner, and one of the many common thoughts passing through one’s mind is “how can I lose a little extra flab or unwanted weight”.  I’m here to say L-carnitine is one of the most successful supplements which will help make these thoughts a reality. Of course after healthy diet and exercise.

L-carnitine is synthesised in the body from amino acids such as: Lysine and methionine.  Amino acids are highly involved in muscle energy and activation turning long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria. Which, long story short helps produce more energy from fat cells meaning you can train longer with less fatigue and burn more fat!

Is muscle tone and added strength what you’re after?? Kre-Alkalyn supplementation is the answer here. I personally take kre-Alkalyn every training day.  I add this essential tool to my training kit because it plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and synthesis of ATP, the main source of energy produced by the body.  A couple of solid reasons why I chose O2B healthy’s Kre-alkalyn over standard creatine monohydrate is:

  1. There is no need for a cycling phase (which for me is just another thing to track in my mind).
  2. Kre-alkalyn passes right through the stomach (unlike creatine monohydrate) and much more of the benefits of the supplement are passed straight on to the muscles to be absorbed.
  3. I have tried many supplements throughout the years and I would honestly rate this one of my top five essential supplements in my gym bag.

I could talk for at least an hour about O2B Glutazorb (L-glutamine) because the benefits are amazing………but I won’t.  This supplement, paired up with either the L-carnitine (L-carnitine & L-glutamine both being amino acids) or kre-alkalyn is a recipe for health goal smashing.  L-glutamine helps immensely with muscle and strength, recovery from hitting your energy draining activates hard, it helps the alcohol cravings and aids with nitrogen balance to the body.  This supplement defiantly falls under the category of train smarter, not harder.  One big reason is, its ability to secrete human growth hormones naturally (lady’s NO, this does not mean you will get “big and bulky”) this means it will help metabolize body fat and prevent breakdown of muscle.

Since day one of when I started weight training in my bedroom just doing biceps curls and crunches, because that’s what lady’s like right? (14 yo at the time) I have included whey protein in and around my training weeks/days.  I would usually have whey protein after waking with unsweetened almond milk which has been soaking in oats overnight.  And also once again after training that day. There are many reasons why you should add this to your goal smashing kit but I’m not gonna bore you with the scientific details, let’s cut straight to it.  O2B Whey protein powders will help your muscles recover from any daily physical activity you have put your body through.  Quicker recovery = body ready to train again.  And for those of you wanting to lose weight a protein shake is so close to guilt free it’s not funny but make sure you check the back for any added sugars. The O2B healthy whey lite protein contains added vitamins and minerals as well, which is just an added bonus. So now instead of a protein shake you now have a nutrition shake.  Smarter, not harder.

Let’s talk about acidic and alkaline foods for a tick.  Acidic foods are things such as soft drinks, carbonated drinks, popcorn, black tea, beer, wine, cheese, coffee, white bread etc and alkaline foods are things like water, apples, berries, spinach, broccoli, kale, dates, green bean, green tea and the list goes on.  You may be able to see where I’m going with this.  For your body to function in its healthiest state and to get the most out of the fat shredding training you’re doing, you need more alkaline foods and less (but not eliminated) acidic foods.  Middle aged guys for you this means less hair loss around the temple (high acidic foods and diets are only increasing hair loss).  Some guys I can almost tell roughly how their standard meals would look at home by just how the body has reacted to the nutrient intake over the years.  O2B Alkazorb comes with an amazing mixture of high alkaline nutrients which will fight lactic acid build up, improve protein synthesis and is great for vegans or vegetarians and ideal for muscle health.

Preparing for summer doesn’t have to be a rigorous chore in the gym.. walking, martial arts or swimming are all ways to get fit, lose weight and have fun at the same time – again combined with a healthy diet, balanced workload and adequate sleep plus complimenting with a few key supplements make it easy if you’re planning on getting in top shape.


Written by Toshi Bolwell, personal trainer and coach, Wairua Body Coaching Systems Ltd Nelson

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