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Mindful Eating and Weight Management

Habits are simply accustomed behaviour. The great news is that we can change our behaviour whenever we want to.

We do have that choice.

It’s not easy…it just takes some practice.

When it comes to healthy eating, we inherently know what is a ‘good diet’, we know we should exercise, sleep more and stress less but how does that fit in our lives with the work piling up, the bills being due and the 24/7 world news of tensions weighing on our shoulders?!

Spoiler alert!…actually, everything is going to be OK!

Knowing this helps us to focus on what we can affect in this moment, bringing our attention back from future worries that may not even eventuate.

If we can understand our triggers for excess eating and realise there are options to change our usual response we can develop new healthful habits that contribute to weight management.

Stress, Hormones and Emotional Eating

Our brains are always looking out for our survival.

If a threat or stress is detected, an instruction is sent to our cells to release Adrenaline, preparing us for ‘fight or flight’ and calling on stored body energy.

Cortisol is also released which is a longer term survival strategy.

Our body is compelled to replenish energy, even if we haven’t actually used any by fighting or running away. Still, we become hungry…really hungry. And surges of Cortisol continue as long as the stress is present.

Naturally we reach for a quick fix of instant energy and crave high-fat, salty or sweet food. Known as Emotional Eating, these foods stimulate a release of Dopamine which gives a feeling of pleasure and released tension. Carrot sticks just don’t have the same result!

Cortisol also instructs your body to store visceral fat, which is deposited around your internal organs and intra-abdominal region. Not good fat. Visceral fat can lead to the development of inflammation, diabetes and heart disease.

Mindful Awareness of Eating Patterns

Now we know that stress is related to cravings for high-fat, salty or sweet food what can we do instead of reaching for them?


Immediately drop and gimme 10! Power out some push ups, sit ups or burpees! Our circulation increases, dispersing the cortisol to the kidneys for flushing out of our system. An instant stress release!

Keep up the cortisol decrease with regular exercise or stretching, such as yoga, ideally connecting with nature. Other benefits are a faster metabolism to burn off when we do indulge (of course we do!), elevated mood and restful sleep. We deserve to feel this good!


If we’re sighing about the past, holding our breath for the future and forgetting to breathe for today how does the life giving oxygen flow? Recognise when tension is present, take a deep breath and exhale.


Restful sleep of 7-9 hours per night is the most effective stress reducer.

A University of Chicago study found that having an average of 6½ hours of sleep each night can increase cortisol, appetite, and weight gain. Ahh cortisol again!

There is good news though, just a few nights of consistent sleep can revive the balance of feeling happier and eating less. Sometimes our busy minds need help to achieve this. Our medical practitioner may provide helpful suggestions.

Healthy Diet and Mindful Eating

Our busy minds can distract us from what we are eating. We forget to enjoy our sensory experience of food. We churn through the plate in front of us as we churn through worries or make plans for the future in our minds.

Eating mindlessly can result in over eating and a lack of satisfaction.

The nutrition we consume is our fuel. Consider the sight, smell, texture, taste and nutrition in every bite. What is the goodness on the fork? What part of our body is going to use the energy? Are we feeling fullness and satiation?

Allow yourself one indulgence of a lesser nutritional value and balance it for the day with a healthy, life-giving juice or salad for your next meal

Power up with breakfast full of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium rich foods for soothing stress. Enjoy whey protein smoothies for muscle maintenance and feelings of fullness. Choose fresh, wholefoods for optimal nutrition and fuel for your body.

Do what you love (Unrelated to Food)

It’s a gift to ourselves to make time for people we care about, read a book, have a massage, stroke a pet, walk in nature. The refreshing benefits of a clear mind and an uplifted mood are also a diversion from emotional eating.

So it seems that reducing the stressors in our lives is as important as healthy food and regular exercise. Recognise them and meet them in a new way. We really do deserve to be well and happy.

Here’s some products that may help you on your journey:

O2B Whey Protein Powders and O2B Nutri-base are a great option for a pre/post workout boost. Whey Protein provides essential amino acids for growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass and can help you feel fuller for longer.

O2B Chromium Picolinate helps to regulate blood sugar levels and influences metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and protein.  O2B Chromium Picolinate may also help to curb the sugar cravings.

O2B Sleep Perfect Sleep herbal formulation is designed to support normal, healthy restful sleep.

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