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O2B K9 Octane Plus

With the launch of O2B Healthy K9 Octane+, I thought as a dog lover and Nutritional Therapist I might be able to help you decide if supplementing your hard working canine is the right choice for them.

As a dog owner I am in complete awe of the energy levels and agility of my own dogs, man can they run and run! But after a couple hours of going flat out chasing a ball or each other at the beach, their tongues get longer and longer and I know that after a good feed, they’ll sleep it off and be right as rain in the morning. But what about dogs that have a job to do? Hunting, working and dogs in training take exertion to another level. They go hard out, no doubt about it, and recovery after serious exertion can take days in some instances.

In conjunction with a healthy diet, many hard working, health conscious humans take supplements to help increase their energy levels, support mental acuity and prevent injury and disease. If these working dogs were humans they’d be high level athletes and there’d be no question about dietary supplementation to help attain optimal form and function, reduce recovery rates and supporting their bodies maintain high energy levels.

Its common knowledge that modern diets are over processed and lacking in many essential nutrients and it’s no different for the wet and dry foods pre-prepared for dogs. Dogs are omnivores (can eat both meat and plant based foods) but all too often wheat and other grains are packed in their feed as bulking agents to help to keep it affordable for average households with companion dogs. But even ‘high-end’ preparations from vets can have low levels of nutrients or they can even leave out key nutrients that are needed for hard working dogs to stay healthy and recover after exertion. Even paying top dollar for dog food can leave your dog lacking in the necessary ingredients that their cells, tissues and organs critically need to function optimally.

Muscle fatigue after exertion is also much the same in dogs as humans. Creatine, a monohydrate made from amino acids that plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and the essential trace element magnesium has a vital part in allowing smooth muscle to relax. Both are found in K9 Octane+ that will help prevent muscle fatigue, increase endurance and support recovery. It’s a very palatable dog supplement that has been scientifically formulated with hard working dogs wholly in mind. It not only to helps them cope with their workload but also recover from serious exertion. Made using all natural human grade nutrients, plant and marine ingredients to enhance the health and well being of your working dogs.

Dogs are no different to humans in the way their cells produce energy, K9 Octane+ contains 12 different ingredients that increase energy production at a cellular level by funding the cellular mitochondria (power stations of the cells), lessen muscle fatigue, promote new cell and tissue development, support healing and making of cartilage and makes for strong shiny coat. Each tasty tablet is packed full of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and plant based ingredients that fund optimal health and well being to hard working dogs.

After trialling K9Octane+ with staff and customer’s at our factory shop in Nelson, I have been pleasantly surprised at the feedback from all those who gave it to their dogs. I myself gave it to one of my dogs who starting limping after a big run, within a day it had lessened and within a couple of days he was back to chasing his ball at full tilt.

Check out some other testimonials from O2B Healthy friends and customers…

“I started using the K9 Octane in the trial stages and I have seen a great improvement in my dogs when out hunting. They are coping better in the heat, have more energy and stamina and also a faster recovery after hunts. As a local hunter, I recommend this product to the working and hunting dogs that need that extra bit of oomph.”  T of Tasman

‘With K9 Octane plus my eight year old Zeb has been acting like a two year old idiot, so full of life where as before he was just lying around and 13 month old Zanti who was extremely hypo is a lot more settled, this product has leveled out her energy and her coat is amazing.”  Carol, Tasman

Written by O2B Healthy Nutritional Therapist, Ali Maskell B.Sc. (Hons)

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