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Women Getting Active – Strong is the new Pretty

“No, actually I didn’t have time to breathe today.”


“And I didn’t have time to eat this week because I’m super busy.”

Say what??!!!

We determine what is important in our lives and some aspects are higher in the hierarchy than exercise, even though we know it’s good for us.

The better we care for our body, the better the partnership is throughout our lifetime.

The three main barriers to women exercising are:

  • Not enough time
  • Concern about appearance
  • I’m not fit enough to be fit

Exercise isn’t all about physical perfection, abilities, lycra, bodyweight or spinzumyogates.  Choose exercise you like to do so that you feel good doing it: dancing in music, camaraderie, walking in nature, trying something new, fresh oxygen, sweating out impurities….

It’s super-empowering to know that exercise is a joyful habit we can deliberately prioritise for the pleasure of doing it rather than for an intended result. If we focus our fitness goals on internal experience rather than external result, exercise becomes a healthful nourishment that we want to keep doing!

Popular workout trends

Bodyweight training

The most inexpensive (and 2015’s most popular trending) workout is the old classic moves we all know: push ups, pull ups, lunges, squats, planks, burpees. This can be done anywhere, anytime.

Boot Camp

Military style training including drills focussed on strength, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular activity. Intense and highly structured, bringing a huge sense of achievement and camaraderie.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Fast paced, short bursts of intense anaerobic exercise alternating with recovery periods. Calorie burner and muscle builder.

Circuit Training

6-10 resistance exercises completed by a group in a sequence for body conditioning. Moderate intensity.

Core Training

Focus on strengthening core stability: lower back, hip flexors, thorax, abdomen and inner core muscles. Aiming to support and protect the spine.

Indoor Cycling/Spinning/Treadmill Running

Very popular for individual workouts or group classes incorporating speed, incline and interval drills.


Traditional series of specific muscle stretching postures bringing mindfulness (total focus on the exercise) and relaxation into the practice. Develops an awareness of body functions, particularly related to breathing. Various forms developed with specific focus.


An aerobic dance fitness program incorporating hip-hop, merengue, soca, samba, salsa and mambo. Great to build up coordination.


Controlled movements with core muscle emphasis, involving stretching, strengthening and body alignment.


Cardiovascular and strength benefits from boxing drills including punch sequences to focus on arms, shoulders, legs and core.

Personal Training

Because one size of exercise class does not fit all, a personal trainer can create a program that you really love. Group personal training for 2-3 people can be more economical.

Barre Classes

Combination of postures at the ballet barre integrating ballet, yoga, pilates and strength conditioning to music.

Outdoor activities

There is always hiking, skiing, swimming, walking, kayaking, running, team sports etc. for fresh air, connection with nature and good circulation.

Obstacle Course Based Training (Wairua Body Coaching Systems are a favourite here in Nelson)

A dedicated following is growing in the sport of obstacle racing. Exercises and obstacles incorporating trails, paths and gym equipment.

Technology engagement

Devices and Apps can track and log movement, heart rate, sleep, nutrition etc. They encourage, coach and motivate.

Online Workouts

Streaming video classes or participating in online fitness challenges is a growing trend for accessibility to exercise.


It is vital to allow the body time to repair and strengthen itself.

Rest, fluid intake, good nutrition and gentle stretching are as essential as the actual exercise.

The speed of recovery is the true measure of fitness.


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