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K9 Plus are highly palatable dog joint supplements made from NZ marine ingredients scientifically formulated to enhance the joint health, vitality and well-being of dogs at all life stages.

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Product Description

Joint stiffness and poor condition can affect any breed or size of dog, so treat your canine companion to O2B K9 Plus tablets made using all natural NZ human grade marine ingredients to enhance joint mobility, connective tissue health and overall condition.


Support for:

  • Osteoarthritis & joint injury
  • Hip & elbow dysplasia & patellar luxation
  • Spinal disc problems & back injury
  • Dermatitis & skin irritations
  • Hair loss 
  • Poor overall condition
  • Thyroid health
  • Senior & geriatric dogs


Key Benefits:

  • Supports joint lubrication and mobility
  • Promotes new cell and tissue development
  • Supports healing and making of cartilage
  • Enhances energy and stamina
  • Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
  • 100% NZ natural marine ingredients

K9 + tablets have been formulated to be tasty treats for most dogs. Each tablet contains not only NZ marine ingredients but is full of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Glycosaminoglycan’s and trace elements that will enhance your best mate’s mobility and overall health and wellbeing. K9+ can be taken long term without any side effects and is an excellent addition of key nutrients to any diet and can also be taken with O2B Omega 3 Fish Oil to significantly improve your dog’s overall health and conditioning.



Dosage is determined by your dogs weight.

Under 15kg take 1-2 tablets.
15-30 kg take 2-3 tablets.
>30kg & working dogs take 3-4 tablets

Increased efficacy may be achieved by doubling dose over initial 2 week period, or as professionally directed.




Each tablet contains:

NZ Shark Cartilage  250mg
NZ Greenshell Mussel  100mg
Brewer's Yeast (officinale)   40mg
Ascorbic acid  31mg
NZ Kelp  7.5mg
Thiamine HCL (vitamin B1)  1.65mg



The shark cartilage powder used in K9+ tablets is manufactured from non-endangered school and rig shark species harvested from New Zealand fisheries that operate a world class quota management system.



Excipients, flowing aids:

Microcrystalline cellulose, Dexstar dextrose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate.


For animal consumption only. Exempt under the ACVM Regulations 2011.



For animal consumption only. Exempt under the ACVM Regulations 2011


Keep out of the reach of children.


Customer Reviews (41)

Since taking K9+ no more injections for arthritis required Review by No more injections!
We use K9+ for our dog who has arthritis. Since taking K9+ we have not had to visit the Vet for anymore injections to treat the arthritis. Lyn, Nelson. (Posted on 22/04/2019)
It works!Review by Debra
My 14 year old Lowchen suffered from arthritis in her front shoulders and elbows. Sometimes she was unable to weight bear on her right side when first rising from a nap. Wasn't keen on drugs because of the side effects, but almost ready to give in when I found K9 Plus. After only 10 days on this product her symptoms completely disappeared and she is much more sprightly on her daily walks. Also her coat has improved.
Big ups to you guys and heaps of thanks from me and I'm sure Summer would thank you too. (Posted on 31/03/2019)
K9+ Works really well for my dog! Review by Yuko
My dog is 9 years old. She has got Arthritis and Spondylosis. K9+ works really well for her. She now has lots of energy and is happy again! (Posted on 25/02/2019)
It Really WorksReview by Adam
I highly recommend this product, I don't normally write reviews but this product has had such a positive effect on our dog I feel I must.

We have a nearly 10 year old Border Collie, who over a year ago was suffering terribly from arthritis, even short walks were uncomfortable for him and so slow. We tried all sorts of products and nothing did much, until I tried K9 plus and now a year on and I can hardly keep up with him, seriously !!!

It does take a while to take effect, it took at least a month maybe 6 weeks to see a improvement but what a change. If your dog suffers from arthritis or stiffness give it a go and hopefully you will get great results too.

Thanks O2B Heathy

Cheers Adam (Posted on 13/01/2019)
Pills that workReview by Jill
My 12 year old terrier was refusing walks until she got these pills. Now she will walk anywhere without hesitation! (Posted on 17/09/2018)
Added 3 years to my dogs ability to walkReview by Bailey
Bailey is now 13 years old. At age 10 she suffered from chronic afthritis in her back knees and I thought it was time to say goodbye, she was clearly unconfortable with limited movement. These days she can be seen playing and jogging around the backyard. Miracle medicine!* (Posted on 25/04/2018)
No more limp!Review by Keaton
My pug dog Bugzy has arthritis and ever since I have given her O2B K9 Plus, she has no limp or anything. She bounces around a lot more as when I first got her she was limping and was not very energetic. (Posted on 12/04/2018)
New Lease on Life!Review by Lee - Richmond
Before: Off his food, back legs giving way, no interest in toy play
After: Total opposite!

My dog is 14 years old and now has a new lease on life after thinking we might have to put him down. * (Posted on 18/01/2018)
No vet visits in two years! Review by Eileen
I have a three legged dog who was always ending up at the vets due to sprains and strain. I put him on K9 Plus it's now been nearly two years since he's last been to the vet due to any sprains. Our other dog is now getting older and we are putting her on them too. I would recommend K9 Plus to anyone they're great. (Posted on 10/01/2018)
A Different Dog!Review by Linda
My lab cross River developed arthritis as a 3 year old, and after several years of receiving 3 monthly injections from the vet it was obvious that her condition was deteriorating, to the extent that she was struggling to get out of her bed. I came across O2B K9 Plus on an internet search, placed my first order and saw a huge difference in her mobility within a week. She no longer struggled to get up from lying down and was much more active and no longer limping during exercise. After 3 months I stopped the injections and for the past 18 months of taking K9 Plus her arthritis has not still not deteriorated any further and she has an active pain-free life. I can't speak highly enough of this product, and I'm pretty sure this has given me many more years with River that I wouldn't have had otherwise. (Posted on 8/01/2018)
k9 plusReview by April
I am using these for my fox terrier who sustained an injury as a pup and has now developed arthritis as an older dog. These tabs took 5 weeks to work and from being a very lame dog , she is now running without a limp, and the large swollen joint of her leg, has now halved in size. Highly recommended. Also enjoyed the discounts offered and also this is a very cost efficient formula and easy to administer. (Posted on 29/07/2017)
Made a differenceReview by Julie N
This has really helped my Jack Russel with his movement!* (Posted on 16/05/2017)
A brand new dog!Review by Susan
Our poodle bichon x had itching and joint pain but with K9+ is now a new dog! Happy with no paw licking or itching. (Posted on 12/04/2017)
What a difference it has made! Review by Gina
I just wanted to say what a wonderful product this is. We had two dogs on the k9 plus pills and what a difference it has made to their lives. The dogs function so much better since they have been taking these pills. If we go for a walk, I double up their dosage and they are completely fine. Off the pills one dog starts to get a sore leg and the other a sore back. These pills are magic.* Luckily for us, both dogs eat them out of our hands. Thanks for making a great product. I am always recommending it to my friends if their dogs are suffering.

(Posted on 17/03/2017)
Given the all clear! Review by Sharon
We used this as main rehab tablet for our German shepherd after his ulna osteotomy. He has recently had his 6 mth post op X-ray and we got the all clear! He also takes a combination of O2B Fish Oil and Glucosamine Powder* (Posted on 9/03/2017)
Keeping agility dogs in top notch conditionReview by Agile Agility Dogs
I have 2 border collies who compete in agility.
Riot had a nasty accident prior to starting her agility career back in 2013. Along with other alternative treatments such as acupuncture, K9+ helps to keep her playing her agility game.
I notice a difference in the days between doses if I run out, she becomes a little bit stiffer and not as able to keep up with the others.
The days prior to and over a show weekend I also use K9 Octane, and I have really noticed a difference in her performance, especially on day 2 of a show where she use to slow down a bit, she is now performing as well on day 2 as on day 1.

Hype is 20 months old and has just started her agility career, she has been on K9+ since I got her as a puppy.

As active dogs who are asked to perform all sorts of tight turns and obstacles at speed its really important that I am able to help support their joints for years to come to be able to keep them fit and happy.
It took me a while to find a product that I trusted and found actually worked, but since finding k9+ and K9 Octane I could not be happier, and neither could my girls!

Thanks O2B healthy for producing such a great product!* (Posted on 9/03/2017)
I can't rave about you guys enough!Review by Cherie
Got about a weeks worth of sample packs from my mum while at the dog show in Nelson recently and I can't rave about you guys enough! Our nearly 10 year old huntaway X cattle dog has been very stiff in her hips and back legs lately. After a week she was so different! More energy, shinier coat and now running around and not pulling up lame when hubby takes her out for a run with the motorbike. We are definitely going to buy more of these to keep her happy and healthy. Thank you so much for making such an incredible product! And Krista thanks you too :) (Posted on 16/02/2017)
She's had great mobilityReview by Candy
My Wheaten Terrier has been on 3 per day for most of her 9 years after a serious knee ligament operation. Prognosis for the other knee wasn't good. So far we've avoided another operation/vet fees and she's had great mobility.* (Posted on 7/02/2017)
Amazing product K9+Review by Jackie
My miniature schnauzer was suffering extreme pain with arthritis in her lower back. She was unable to jump and some days barely able to walk. After two weeks on this product there was significant improvement and now having taken K9+ for three months she is back to her old self - running, jumping, very happy. There is no sign of pain at all. This is an amazing product.* (Posted on 27/01/2017)
Ready to go the next day after a hard day's run!Review by Justin
I really thought they worked well on my dogs, old and young ones... coats were shiny seemed to keep weight on them as well. I noticed they were ready to go the next day after a hard day; muscles and joints weren’t as stiff. A good feed of K9+ & K9 Octane just keeps them rearing to go... love the organic natural ingredients keep up the good work.* (Posted on 7/12/2016)

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