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O2B Kre-Alkalyn 60s

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O2B Kre-Alkalyn is a real breakthrough in creatine absorption to help athletes do more reps, to recover faster, and gives the ability to train harder, without any loading dose required. Creatine is naturally formed in the body and is found mostly in muscle tissues, it plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and synthesis of ATP, the main source of energy produced by the body for peak physical performance. With O2B Kre-Alkalyn no loading dose is required, no cycling, no bloat and no side effects are experienced.

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O2B Kre-Alkalyn is a patented form of creatine developed by Jeff Golini, the same scientist who discovered AKG (a compound that boosts nitric oxide production). This form of creatine involves a unique buffering process that enables the creatine to pass through the stomach without breaking down, so it can be delivered directly to the muscles unchanged and in its purest state. Because it does not breakdown in the stomach, it results in fewer digestive problems and side effects.

For the last decade or longer, many serious athletes have used supplemental creatine to achieve their sports goals. Not only does creatine increase athletic power, it’s cost-effective and legal in all IOC, professional and collegiate level sports. But the regime and side effects can be debilitating for some. O2B Kre-Alkalyn is a real breakthrough in creatine absorption to support athletes in their mission to become more powerful, do more reps, recover faster, and train harder without the loading! Athletes can now use the “pH fixed” version of the king— creatine monohydrate. There will be no more loading. Creatine loading attempted to get around any mal-absorption and conversion to creatinine.

With O2B Kre-Alkalyn no longer do you have to cycle creatine!

Support for:

  • Power lifters
  • Gym enthusiasts
  • Peak performance

Key Benefits:

  • No loading dose is required
  • No cycling
  • No bloating
  • No side effects
  • No regime
  • pH fixed

Each capsule contains

  • Kre-Alkalyn 1,500mg
  • (Buffered creatine US Patent #6,399,611)

Inactive ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin
  • Magnesium Stearate

Free from:

Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, artificial flavours and preservatives.

Take 1 capsule each morning or as directed for peak physical performance.

If taking prescription medications, or you have known ingredient sensitivities please consult your health care professional before taking this product.


  • Do not take while pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not take if you suffer from a Kidney disease or Diabetes.
  • Do not consume with large amounts of caffeine or caffeine pills.


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