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Animal Health Range

Feline Plus

My cat changed within a week! Review by Julie of Richmond

"After visiting the vet, paying large bills to try and help my old cat with an arthritis problem and changing diet but not a lot of improvement, I heard about this product and my cat changed within a week. No more crying or pain when trying to jump high. Her coat and health improved so quickly and now she is nearly 15 and acts like a kitten. No one believes she's that grand old age and looking so healthy. "


K9 Plus

Ready to go the next day after a hard day's run! Review by Justin

"I really thought they worked well on my dogs, old and young ones... coats were shiny seemed to keep weight on them as well. I noticed they were ready to go the next day after a hard day; muscles and joints weren’t as stiff. A good feed of K9+ & K9 Octane just keeps them rearing to go... love the organic natural ingredients keep up the good work.* "


Does wonders! Review by Kim

"Does wonders for my dog’s good stuff I recommend these products.* "


Amazing results! Review by Jenny

"I've had absolutely amazing results for my 10 year old miniature dachsie, 'Lolly', who was not able to move around much. Now, you can't keep her down!* I can't recommend this product enough, thank you!"


Highly Recommended! Review by Julie

"Since using the O2B K9+, my Cavalier King Charles has a whole new quality of life. I highly recommend this product to all dog lovers! "


The change has been incredible! Review by Sherrie

"Our almost 12 year old GWP gundog is now bouncing around like a puppy again. It is most obvious she is much more fluid and before I can pick her up she has jumped into the back of the 4WD. The formula along with the fish oil capsules has also made her eyes brighter and her coat is now a deep chocolate liver colour. It looks like we will get a couple more years out of the old girl yet.* "


Brilliant product! Review by Lou

"I have been using K9 Plus for a working heading dog of mine who had a bad leg injury (broken tendons etc). I believe the tablets really helped with the recovery process and has made a huge difference to his mobility. With his injury I was basically looking at having to retire him, but with the help of K9 Plus he continues to be a valuable working dog. After this experience I now give K9 Plus to my older working dogs on a daily basis - within a week there is a noticeable difference in their energy levels and mobility.

I recommended this product to my parents who have a 13yr old corgi who was struggling with the onsets of arthritis. She is now a whole lot more active and comfortable, K9 Plus has worked wonders for her. Thank you for a such a great product, I am constantly recommending it to other people who have dogs that are getting on a bit in age or just need a bit of a boost in general. The other great thing is that the dogs love it - mine line up in the morning waiting for their tablets and eat them straight out of my hand!! "


He's like a 7 year old again. Review by Vivienne

"K9 Plus has taken years off my 15 year old lab, Dusty's life. He is full of bounce, energetic and the picture of life after having a hard downhill spell with sore joints seizing up his legs and neck. He's like a 7 year old! He just picked up the tennis ball for the first time in 6 months and tossed it around the room playing with it. Lovely to watch. "


16 going strong. Review by Rob

"Got this for my 16yo staffie x who lately has been looking really old. She has had a few knee ops and with her age has just been starting to seize up. She seemed to be in a bit of discomfort and wandering around constantly to ease the aches. So far it's been a week on 2 pills a day and she's gone mad. She has gone from waddling around slowly to madly galloping around the place. She seems to be moving a lot easier and when she lays down she doesn't keep getting up again out of discomfort. So far so good. "


Awesome product. Review by Lou.

"We have an 8 year old Great Dane called Baz. He has got arthritis in his back left leg. Limping round not being able to put any weight on his back leg. He just wasn't his happy self anymore. Since we started him on k9+ he doesn't limp anymore and is happy as. We give him 4 pills a day as he's 76kg and we are just over the moon with results. "


A 9 year old Golden Retriever with the start of hip dysplasia. Review by Chris

"We have a 9 year old Golden Retriever with the start of hip dysplasia in his right hip. He was beginning to limp occasionally and was reluctant to jump into our vehicle. As he is allergic to beef we tried the K9 Plus and he hasn't looked back. He has much more energy, happy to jump and is back to his normal toy fetching self. We are very grateful as he has a much better quality of life because of your product. Thank you. "


A much happier dog. Review by Claire

"Turk (GSD) competes in obedience and was doing crooked sits, he couldn't jump over small fences but after being on K9 plus & Omega 3 he can now do straight sits and jump over small fences, he seems like a much happier dog. "


Brilliant! Review by Spider

"I give these to my darling, energetic but getting noticeable older 13 year old girl, and if we run out I really notice the difference in her general well-being and mobility."


K9+ very good product. Review by Peter

"Our Corgi is 13 years old and has joint problems. She could not walk upstairs or walk long distances, but after taking this supplement for a week she is walking a lot better, we have given her almost 300 tablets and no side effects. We recommend this product."


K9 Plus. Review by Chrispy

"Our 9 year old Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with the beginnings of arthritis . He had slowed down dramatically. Being allergic to beef we couldn't give him ordinary glucosamine. I found your wonderful product and he now has a bounce in his step, he's jumping up into the ute again without any effort. Amazing difference, we are thrilled to bits. Thanks so much for this wonderful product as it has given him a much better quality of life. "


Working dogs. Review by Kate

"K9+ has boosted my 7 year old working dog (Hunterway bitch) who has not aged not very well and struggles to jump fences and get through a hard day at work, but since I've started giving her K9+; over the past six months her ability to work has improve immensely. Her energy levels are up, she now plays with my puppy and her general wellbeing and coat has increased quickly since taking it. She’s a different dog all together. I recommend K9+ to anyone with working dogs or pets looking for a more affordable option aside from vet products and that really works. I have now started to give it to all my working dogs as they work very hard and need a boost to keep them in top health and condition every working day. "


Great Product. Review by Frank

"Using K9+ as an addition to my dog's diets and notice the difference it has made; not only to their mobility but also to skin and coat too."


We use this in our Vet Practice. Review by Maureen

"Great feedback from my staff and customers alike. Using K9 Plus and Feline Plus regularly in our busy vet practice and very happy with results to-date. Good value for customers and certainly works well and is another well-made natural product from O2B Healthy."


What a difference. Review by Dianne & Gatsby the dog

"Just to let you know I received the K9 plus for my dogs today. I would just like to say a huge thank you for the product the difference in my Golden Retriever is amazing. He is now playing and is a different dog since starting your product. Once again many thanks"


Awesome! Review by Trudy

"Tried Feline Plus and saw definite results after a few days so got my dog on it now too. Awesome overnight service. Thanks a million!"


New lease on life! Review by Val

"I am so thankful for finding this natural product. My spaniel was going to put down, but after taking K9+ for only 2 weeks has got a new lease on life... thank you so much."


Remarkable! Review by Sheryl

"While I was lying in bed at 6.30 one morning I was listening to Radio Hauraki and your ad come on for the dog supplement for arthritis in dogs. Right then and there I ordered some on my iphone, and it was delivered the next morning. My 3 year old lab was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in all her joints when she was 3 months old and is on monthly injections as well as super expensive JD's mobility support food. After taking your supplement for a couple of weeks the improvement in her is mind blowing. She is a completely different dog. Remarkable. Thank you so much for (firstly) advertising on Hauraki which brought your product to my attention, and (secondly) for having such an amazing product. I have recommended to heaps of people for their pets." "


Noticeable difference! Review by Karen

"My dog who is a 4 yr old staffy hunt-away cross with both cruciate ligament damage and joint deterioration has been taking K9 on and off for the past 6 mths. When on the K9+ there is a noticeable difference whereby she is able to exercise and run without evident pain. "


K9 Octane

Wouldn’t be without it! Review by Claire

"I use this product before all Agility shows - it really makes a visible difference to her performance! "


1st, 2nd and a 3rd! Review by Kathy

"I won a bottle at the A&P show - thanks - My dogs were on it prior to an agility show and did great, a first, a second and a third!"


Abundant energy and focus! Review by Sam

"Whether it was the K9 octane, the new stick I got for my girl to fetch, another hunter in the mix or a combination of the above, the results I've had using the samples given have been instantaneous and always positive. Abundant energy and focus, potential stamina increase.* I sampled it myself to be sure it was safe for my 40kg am bulldog girl and I was happy to give it to her."


Worked really well on my dogs! Review by Justin

"I really thought they worked well on my dogs, old and young ones... coats were shiny seemed to keep weight on them as well. I noticed they were ready to go next day after a hard day muscles and joints weren’t as stiff. A good feed of K9+ & K9 Octane just keeps them rearing to go... love the organic natural ingredients keep up the good work.*"


Worked hard mustering for a week straight! Review by Ryan

"I have used K9 Octane Plus with my working dogs on an 1800ha hill country block at tailing and they worked hard mustering every day for a week straight and not one of them was slow out of the kennel on the last day, even the old girl.” *"


Good stuff! Review by Jamie

"This stuff is good. I use it for when I'm doing big trips, dogs go harder for longer.*"


Has given my dogs a new lease on life! Review by Nick

"This is good stuff for anyone who has older dogs slowing up. I'd be getting some if I was you.. has given all my dogs a new lease of life but very noticeable in my older two dogs how much younger they act now.*"


Hunted for four days straight! Review by Stacey

"Hunted for four days straight with the dogs taking them. The old boy who's nearly 10 just kept going and going and recovered well. Normally takes a few days to recover after a day hunt. Young girl - was no stopping her.*"


Boy was I wrong, she seems to be working harder for longer periods! Review by Hawira

"I didn't think it would do anything but boy was I wrong. It put the spring back in my old girl making her catch pork with ease and she seems to be working harder for a longer period of time.*"


Awesome performance over four days! Review by Linda

"We attended the four day Agility Nationals plus one day of travelling there and back. Our dog Normal can only perform one day, stresses and then shuts down and goes flat..however after taking this product she performed wonderfully all four days and was very relaxed.* This is very unusual for her being a stress bunny! Awesome - awesome!"


We've seen results! Review by Sally Mallison NZSDTA

"Both my husband Mark and I are involved with Dog Trials, Mark as a successful competitor and myself at an administrative level. We are both very passionate about the working athletes under our care and have used K9 Plus for older dogs and or those showing joint problems for some years now with obvious visible results.* For the last 12 months we have also used K9 Octane plus on both a young Huntaway and young Heading dog that work themselves to the max, again with very visible results.* We fully endorse and recommend both of these products."


My hunting dogs have more energy and endurance. Review by Ben

"I am a regular hunter, I breed my own dogs. I hunt 2-3 times per week, tried free samples of K9 Octane and found my dogs have more energy and endurance, I'm back to buy more! "


My Zeb is so full of life. Review by Carol

"With K9 Octane plus my eight year old Zeb has been acting like a two year old idiot, so full of life where as before he was just lying around and 13 month old Zanti who was extremely hypo is a lot more settled, this product has levelled out her energy and her coat is amazing. "


Our dogs are full of beans! Review by Ryan

"I have recently begun using k9 octane+ in both my working and hunting dogs and the difference is amazing, giving them that bit more go at the end of the day! "


MSM for Animals

Highly Recommended! Review by Josh

"I would recommend this to anyone to try. I am using this product and it has helped my older dogs with their old injuries.* "

Supplements A-M

O2B Lung Restore

This makes a real difference! Review by Rob

"I've suffered with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and it helps with my breathing, it makes a real difference! I'm breathing easier than before."

Liquid Herbals

O2B Lung Health

Great Try! Review by Peter

"I have been coughing for half a year in this year. I went to NZ for conference and accidentally bought one bottle of this product. After taking it for several days, my coughing is greatly relieved and totally gone after two weeks!* "


Results within 24 Hours! Review by Gaye

"Within 24 hours of taking the mixture, my breathing, congestion and cough had drastically reduced."


Breathing easier! Review by Pamela

"My 82 yr old mother has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and has had 3 back to back lots of antibiotics for recurrent chest infections. After 4 days of using O2B Healthy Lung Health, she has felt a dramatic improvement with breathing and vitality."


Great Product! Review by Debra

"Four years ago I turned 40 and around that time I got a cold and developed a cough that never went away. I have been to a Lung specialist twice and was told I have asthma. I was on steroid inhalers but continued to cough every day, which was no fun for me or the people around me. The inhalers can give side effects which I started to develop so I thought no more. I went to o2b Healthy as I heard they may have something to help. I took it home thinking what rubbish, this won’t work but the next day I wasn’t coughing at all. Five months on and I am still cough free, so if this helps one other person like me it will be worth writing this. I am so happy!!"


O2B Sleep Easy

Actually works! Review by Heather

"I've tried heaps of things over the years and this is the first one that actually works! "


O2B Immune Health for Kids

Fantastic Product! Review by Saunders Clan

"We’ve been getting ours from a store call Healthy 10-20 in Johnsonville, Wellington. Our kids immune system has def been boosted with this product. It's been the best winter by far. My 2 year old has asthma and it's horrendous when he catches a cold, every time he has a runny nose I start on the spray and the runny nose stops after a maximum of 3 days. His asthma doesn't have a chance at all to get to him. I'm so stoked. Thank you for making this product and I'm so glad I was introduced to this product at the store."



O2B Lymphatic Flow

This cream is amazing! Review by Maureen

"I had been suffering from an accumulation of fluid causing swelling in my legs, I had no idea what it was until someone said it may be my lymphatic system. My legs particularly around my knees were large and swollen but this cream took it all away, it’s amazing and it's good because it's natural. This cream really works for me, I use it when I have a sore neck and back, it relaxes everything - it works like magic!* thank you for making this."


O2B Excema Away

Works so well! Review by Kyla

"I just brought your Green X-ma cream and received it on Monday. I wanted to say thank you so much! I have been pouring steriod cream on him that just wasn't working, after three applications xma cream it has nearly gone away! Jumping beans in Auckland recommended it and I have just rung them to tell them I am so excited. Next time I will buy ten pots! We have been using it for everything!"