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When you use our website it is extremely important to us that you have a positive experience. Should you experience any problems at all these will be addressed by our Customer Service team in a friendly and efficient manner to your total satisfaction.

Replacing Goods

In the unlikely event we send you or you order an incorrect product, provided it is unopened and in original condition we will replace it within 15 working days of receipt or refund you the amount in full. Please note for items you incorrectly ordered, you will be responsible for the return plus payment of any post incurred. Please contact us.

Out of Stock Items

If we have the products you order in stock (and we usually do) we will process and dispatch your order within 24 hours once payment has been received in full. From time to time products may go out of stock and not be shown immediately on the website, if this happens you will be contacted by one of our friendly staff who will either offer a full refund or put that particular product on back order for you and send once it becomes available.

Damaged and Missing Parcels

In the unlikely event you receive damaged or defective goods please contact us immediately and we will advise you of the best solution. Please ensure you keep all packaging as this may be required for investigation. Emailing us photographs of the items and/or packaging in question will be assist us lodging a claim to the courier. Please contact us.

O2B Healthy take liability for any loss or damaged products within New Zealand provided we are contacted within 15 working days of product payment. Emailing us photographs of the items and/or packaging in question will be assist us lodging a claim to the courier.

For international orders, due to strict time limitations applied by courier companies to lodging a claim, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be able to assist you in finding a resolution.

Cancelling your Order

During the online ordering process you may cancel your order at any stage by removing the item from your cart. For orders already processed, as long as you contact us before they are dispatched, we can cancel and refund in full from our end. If you have paid via the bank transfer option, we will require your bank account details to be able to refund directly to your account. Please contact us if you have any issues.

International Orders

Due to the wide range of countries we ship to and each countries own regulations, it is impossible for us to keep abreast of all import restrictions. Therefore, you are fully responsible for ensuring the goods you order are not prohibited or restricted from entering that country and any associated import costs are your responsibility, before you place your order with us.

Please visit our delivery page if you would like more information.




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