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Hi team, we would like to compliment you & your courier service. We placed an order with you yesterday, 6th May at around 1330 hrs & our order was delivered just after 1000 hrs today, 7th May, thank you for your amazing service.

It was March 2018 at the Patearoa Dog Trials that my 3 ½ old heading dog. Lone, had a very nasty accident. After a good run-out in the Long Head he was in the process of lifting the sheep out of the hook and they were trying to break back toward the liberation pen. I sent him around to his right to block their progress, but this required him jumping the liberation wing which he landed upon, resulting in him being catapulted into free fall, somersaulting over steep, bluffy terrain for approximately 70-80 metres until he come to a stop at the bottom. Consequently, he was squealing with pain and was dragging his rear end along the ground, indicating possibly a broken back or at least severe damage.

A nearby land cruiser was commissioned to drive uphill as far as possible to which we carried Lone, and from there took him to Vet life, Alexandra to be examined by respected vet, Lori Linney. The diagnosis after the x-ray was a dislocated vertebra at the base of the neck above the shoulders, and much trauma and superficial damage. An operation at Christchurch was an option but could cost up to $12,000 with no guarantee of success so we chose not to go there.

After treatment and care at the vets, I took Lone home for a period of confinement then restricted and controlled exercise. I also contacted Jacqui Chittock, requesting a weekly course of Bowen Therapy. In conjunction with this, I also gave Lone a daily intake of Turmeric and Joint Ultra from O2B Healthy, a Nelson based company.

Over several weeks Lone’s movement and capabilities improved remarkably and at the time of writing, he has returned to normal work and is capable of performing credibility in this situation, running freely. Although still showing a slight lameness in his right front leg which has been assessed as nerve damage.

Although time and rest can be a great healer I believe the on-going Bowen Treatment in conjunction with the O2B Healthy products of Turmeric and Joint Ultra have played a significant part in Lone’s remarkable recovery and as such would recommend these and their other products to anyone that has injuries and associated problems with their dogs or just for general well-being.

I have just returned from the New Zealand finals of the Tux Yarding Series Where Lone achieved a creditable 3rd, not bad for a dog I thought would possibly never run again. I have also used O2B Healthy products on other dogs especially a Heading Dog, Ace, that won a NZ Event II Title and then become noticeably lame on his right front foot. It had been crushed in an altercation with a cattle beast 3yrs previously and his lameness progressed to a stage that he become very limited in his capabilities. I consulted Kevin, at O2B Healthy, and on his advice started him on their products. His lameness disappeared and now 4yrs later, shows very little sign of the debilitating problem. Thank you for your advice and product availability.

Thank you O2B Healthy for your fast service! I received my products in the post at 11.15 this morning and I only ordered yesterday afternoon! Very Satisfied. Thanks.

Since using the O2B K9+, my Cavalier King Charles has a whole new quality of life.* I highly recommend this product to all dog lovers!

The change has been incredible, our almost 12 year old GWP gundog is now bouncing around like a puppy again.

It is most obvious she is much more fluid and before I can pick her up she has jumped into the back of the 4WD.

The formula along with the fish oil capsules has also made her eyes brighter and her coat is now a deep chocolate liver colour. It looks like we will get a couple more years out of the old girl yet.*

In preparation and during the Rugby World Cup we used O2B Healthy supplements and sports nutrition on a daily basis. As a direct result we saw huge improvement and gains in recovery and fatigue, benefits to the immune system as less players were getting sick and run-down during the four months on the road. Although we didn’t achieve results on the field O2B Healthy’s products helped us achieve a better physical condition!*

Great service again, O2B … my order arrived in under 24 hours. Really well done – and thanks!

Just wanted to thank you very much for the service we have received. We went online only 2 days ago and ordered some products. The next day (yesterday) we received an email saying the order had been shipped and today we received the order! Very very impressive.

Again, many thanks for great service and especially great products at affordable prices, with your free delivery, too.

Hi O2B, just wanted to compliment you on your fantastic service. I cannot believe I ordered at 4pm and was then delivered in Auckland at 7.45am the next day. Will be telling my friends for sure. Thanks!

You guys are always super quick with delivery but on this request you have really exceeded expectations. I could not believe it when I got home and found this on my door the very next day after ordering !! Keep up the amazing work 🙂 Lovely team and amazing products, don’t change! Thank you

I would like to once again thank you for your support you have given me. I have found your products to be very useful and have helped to keep my body in good shape. The O2B Healthy products I have been using have been the key to my recovery.* Thanks again & I am looking forward to using the O2B Healthy products throughout the up and coming season.

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