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O2B Bowel Rejuvenator 90s

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5.0 (3 reviews)

O2B Bowel Rejuvenator is a unique blend of nature’s own herbs designed to help support healthy bowel function and mobility. Containing rich sources of soluble and insoluble fibre O2B Bowel Rejuvenator helps to promote regular bowel movements, soothe inflammation in the digestive tract, lower cholesterol levels and improve gut motility and digestion. Whether digestive transit times are too fast or too slow, O2B Bowel Rejuvenato will help to normalize and promote health digestive processes.

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The unique combination of herbs in O2B Bowel Rejuvenator have been specifically selected and balanced to provide a comprehensive formula to aid the form and function of the digestive tract and to support the health of the bowels. Combining Psyllium seed husks, cascara sagrada bark, slippery elm bark powder, flaxseed fibre and fennel seeds to help promote optimal bowel health and function. With vast pre-biotic components Bowel Rejuvenator will help maintain friendly gut flora (microbiota) which complete digestion, maintain immunity and synthesize certain nutrients.

Support For:

  • Dyspepsia
  • Weight loss
  • Digestive health issues
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Colitis (Inflammation of the bowel)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Anal fissures & hemorrhoids

Key Benefits:

  • Supports healthy bowel function, mobility and regularity



  • Psyllium (equiv to dry herb) 135mg
  • Cascara (equiv to dry herb) 90mg
  • Slippery Elm (equiv to dry herb) 90mg
  • Linseed 90mg
  • Fennel (equiv to dry herb) 45mg


Yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, artificial flavours or preservatives.



Psyllium Seed Husks are a packed with soluble plant fibre that works as a bulking agent to improve digestive regularity. As a pre-biotic (preferred food of probiotics) Psyllium Seed Husks help to complete digestive processes and promote probiotic numbers.  When in the digestive tract it has a mucilage component that absorbs water and swells, supporting bulkier stools and promotes regular elimination.  This mucilaginous component of Psyllium also helps to soothe inflammation in the digestive tract and aids regular elimination.  Psyllium is used to help weight management as it helps to regulate appetite, improves overall digestion and helps to promote detoxification processes of the liver lowering cholesterol levels and toxin burden. Through promoting elimination and bowel regularity Psyllium is a useful tool in digestive disorders such as IBS, diarrhoea, constipation, anal fissures and after rectal surgery.


Cascara Sagrada Bark was traditionally used by the Native Americans as part of their medicinal folklore.  In the early 1800’s the aged bark was found to promote intestinal and bowel motility (movement) and has a mild laxative effect to promote elimination.  Containing anthraquinone derivatives that stimulate peristalsis, the vigorous wavelike contractions of the large intestine that keep food moving through the digestive system. It also stimulates mucus secretions by irritating the intestinal walls, and it also improves the tone of the muscles of the colon walls giving relief to symptoms of indigestion (dyspepsia) and constipation.  A fantastic ingredient to help prevent hemorrhoids and

Slippery Elm:

The inner bark of North American elm is very nutrient dense and has long been used by Native American Indians to treat coughs, wounds, boils, ulcers and inflammation of the skin.  Slippery Elm bark powder contains a complex mixture of biologically active compounds including antioxidants, beta-carotene and other flavonoids like proanthocyandins, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, chromium, zinc and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and vitamin C.  What makes Slippery Elm so effective is that when in contact with water, Slippery Elm bark powder forms a mucilaginous gel made of polysaccharides that is soothing and anti-inflammatory to all tissues it comes into contact with.  Taken internally it is soothing to whole digestive tract, calming reflux, heartburn, stomach and duodenal ulcers as it provides a protective barrier between the ulcer and neutralizing stomach acid.   It also has astringent effects, tightening the surfaces on which it contacts, providing an effective barrier to bacterial infection and alleviating diarrhea.

Flax Seed Fibre:

Flax Seeds are packed full of amino acids and are one of the most concentrated plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, containing 50 to 60 per cent omega-3 fatty acids in the form of alpha linolenic acid. Flaxseeds are also rich in dietary soluble fibre, antioxidants, B vitamins, dietary fibre, lignans, protein and potassium.  All of which help to promote bowel regularity, offering anti-inflammatory properties, helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Many studies highlight that flaxseeds can significantly reduce LDL cholesterol levels, promote bowel regularity aiding constipation, reduce bloating and digestive discomfort.


The volatile oils found in fennel seeds help stimulate bile secretion from the gallbladder for better digestion and compounds like anethole, fenchone and estragole possess anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relax contracted intestinal muscles and allow trapped gas to dissipate.  Considered by medicinal herbalists to not only ease digestive dysfunction but also improves fat metabolism and help manage blood sugar levels.


2 to 4 capsules twice daily with fluids or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


If taking prescription medication, or you have known ingredient sensitivities please consult your health care professional before taking this product


Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, have Crohns disease, Stomach ulcers are taking Warfarin or Diuretic medication.
Cascara is a laxative and can  decrease the absorption of medication and also cause diarrhoea.

3 reviews for O2B Bowel Rejuvenator 90s

  1. Helps with bowel function

    Review by Rosara

    When I have digestive issues I take O2B Bowel Rejuvenator. Helps to get things moving especially if you are like me and lacking fibre in your diet. Great product would recommend.*

  2. Very Happy!

    Review by Julie

    After a bout of Shingles, my bowels suffered and I needed some help. I have found the O2B Bowel Rejuvenator much better than some other medications. Less violent and crampy. Very happy! *

  3. outstanding results

    Review by Amanda (verified owner)

    My teen daughter has had ongoing issues on going regularly for most of her life. Shes tried many natural chemist products and the gp gave her laxatives, as a last resort if she hadnt been for 5 days. This product is THE ONLY PRODUCT shes ever tried, that has actually worked, with no nasty side effects. Best of all, shes now a regular goer.
    Best product ever

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