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O2B Gentle Iron 90s

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O2B Gentle Iron is a high potency and easy to absorb capsule – gentle on the stomach and designed for maximum support with those in need of extra iron in their diet.

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O2B Gentle Iron is a high strength daily dose that will redress low iron levels or deficiency quickly. Iron is an important trace mineral that supplies energy to every cell in the body.

Support for:

  • Tiredness & Fatigue
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Diet
  • Shortness of breath
  • Regular Aspirin & NSAID use
  • Frequent/Chronic illness and infections
  • Low iron levels
  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
  • Increase blood glucose levels
  • Low levels of hydrochloric acid

Key benefits:

  • Supports mental alertness
  • Support for woman during the menstrual cycle
  • Low irritant and gentle on the gut
  • High potency
  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances immunity

Iron has both metabolic and enzyme based functions in the body and two thirds of all iron found in the body is involved in enzyme based reactions and a high percentage of that amount is found in the heme part of hemoglobin. As part of hemoglobin and myoglobin Iron is key to the transport and release of oxygen in tissue, and insufficiency or deficiency can lead to tiredness and fatigue.

Other functions of Iron include collagen synthesis, helping maintain normal immune function and cellular energy production. Iron absorption can be compromised in several health conditions including low hydrochloric acid levels (hypo-chlorhydria), long term or high dose use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) medicines like Aspirin and other pain killers that cause gastric bleeding and overtime can induce Iron insufficiency or deficiency. Low levels of vitamin C can also effect iron absorption as can high levels of calcium. A substance called phytic acid found in plant based foods binds to non-heme iron and lowers Iron’s absorption.

Iron deficiency results in severe anemia, decreased energy levels, decreased immune function and slow mental processing.


Iron Bisglycinate (Equiv. to elemental iron 20mg) 100mg


Yeast, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, milk, sugar, starch artificial flavours or preservatives.


Take 1 capsule daily on an empty stomach or as directed by your health care professional.


If taking prescription medication, pregnant, nursing or you have known ingredient sensitivities please consult your health care professional before taking this product


  • Do not use if you suffer from Stomach / Intestinal ulcers, Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Iron interacts with some medications.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.


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