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I own a 7 year old boxer rottie X dog, who loves nothing more then going for a swim and chasing his ball for hours on end. Almost a year ago I found myself healing with a very angry unhappy dog. He didn’t or couldn’t jump up freely into the back of the Ute, he would run after his ball only a few laps and then fall to the ground and not wanting to move again. He would be lame for a good 3 days after a small ball game or swim and would even cry if he had to get out of his bed. I have been around dogs and horses my whole life and I … knew signs of aging were starting to show in my best mate.

I came across O2B Healthy (in my research) and I’m amazed that I did. My best mate has now been on the K9 plus since November last year and wow the change in him is amazing. He is now in the Ute before I even get out the door in the morning with my coffee, I now have to wait for him to finish his swim as he is making up for the time he couldn’t enjoy them and his ball games are now back to full speed. I am so glad I come across this and it worked so well for my best mate ( Storm ) I now tell everyone family, friends and anyone who will listen about this product. It’s truly amazing for my main man.




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