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Introducing O2B Quercetin Plus

Introducing O2B Quercetin Plus, an all-in-one combination our customers asked us to develop for immune support as we head into yet another year with a focus on immunity.

Our immune systems and how they cope with pathogens like viruses, bacteria and fungi is a very hot topic and with lots of research and studies going into this field due to the current pandemic, some immunity key players are emerging and their roles in supporting our immune systems cannot be overlooked.

Quercetin is the key ingredient in O2B Quercetin Plus, where we can capitalise on its natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, but also on its ability to allow zinc to exert its antiviral properties. In this regard Quercetin is known as a ‘zinc ionophore’ which means that it helps zinc get across the walls of your cells to get inside to where a virus may be replicating. It is good to know that good old vitamin C is also key to activating quercetin which in turn will activate zinc, and we’ve put all three into this formulation!

Two more team players in our formulation both help your body deal with the onslaught of stress, illness, poor diet, lack of sleep or activity through their ability to support your body’s production of glutathione (our key antioxidant whose job is to clean up the internal damage done by our busy modern lives):
NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) is proving increasingly popular for functioning not only as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifier, but also as an immuno- and neuromodulator. NAC has many functions in the body, one to highlight is its ability to support the body to break down mucus for the maintenance of healthy lungs, for which it is classified as a mucolytic.
MSM is a sulphur-based compound well known for supporting the detoxification process with glutathione.

Of course, we can’t ignore the data on vitamin D and how according to this study COVID 19 patients who had higher vitamin D levels were 20 times less likely to have a critical outcome versus a mild one. A further study involving nearly 8,300 adults enrolled in the UK Biobank study found that those who took vitamin D regularly (daily or weekly) were 34 percent less likely to develop COVID-19 compared to those who did not take vitamin D.
We recommend you get your levels tested before you supplement in higher levels, but we have added it into O2B Quercetin Plus because it is such an important hormone, and not just for your immune system. You may like to use health screening solutions like i-Screen for key biomarkers like vitamin D so you can be proactive in your own health management.

O2B Quercetin Plus is an easy-to-take solution designed to support a healthy daily maintenance routine at lower doses. For added support when you need it, If you are experiencing symptoms or at higher risk of infection, O2B Quercetin Plus can be taken in higher doses to achieve levels recommended by doctors and health experts such as those from the Wanaka Health Bridge. 

If you consider one supplement this year, O2B Quercetin Plus is it!

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