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Oh là là! Introducing O2B French Collagen fine vanilla powder

Il ne faut rien laisser au hasard!

Leave nothing to chance!

The health, well-being and joie de vivre of our older population is an important focus for us at O2B and we prefer not to leave anything to chance. We research products and scour the globe for the most effective ways to support and care for you naturally as you age as a kind of insurance policy to support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

We have some wonderful natural products in our range to support the health of women of all ages, for hormonal support right through to the journey into menopause, for men to support prostate and bladder health, and a beautiful  range of liquid herbals to act quickly supporting you and the systems within your body from digestion to nerves to the immune system.

Now we are excited to announce our most elegant product. A beautiful creamy, fine powder with a hint of vanilla made from an all-natural collagen complex to support the skin’s natural aging process.

We chose this 100% marine-based Collactive® collagen from a cooperative of fisheries in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France for our  O2B French Collagen after reading the clinical studies and trying it for ourselves. Collactive® is developed via a proprietary process that creates a fine powder composed of 94% Type I hydrolyzed collagen and 6% elastin oligopeptides – the same ratio found in human skin. The fine powder has a very low molecular weight – allowing it to be fully digested and enhancing bio-efficacy, meaning your body can utilise it better than other collagen supplements.

It is important to us that Collactive® marine collagen is fully traceable and sustainably produced.

For best results take 1 teaspoon (containing 4955mg of collagen) on an empty stomach morning and night for a minimum of 28 days. We find it will stir into your morning coffee or sprinkled over breakfast, adding a pleasant hint of vanilla.

O2B French Collagen – for that certain je ne sais quois.

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