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Supplements That Your Pup Needs Just as Much as You 

Taking joint supplements, along with a healthy and balanced diet, can give our bodies the protection they need to fight off many diseases. Our pets are also susceptible to the same kinds of diseases and illnesses. As such, they too, should be given the same level of care and protection we humans need.

O2B Healthy, a New Zealand manufacturer of Natural Health Products provides health supplements – including dog supplements – which can improve overall well-being for your pets. All O2B Healthy products are made to 100% human grade consumption standards and are made from only high-quality ingredients.

Today, we look into the benefits of these natural health supplements, both for us humans, and our furry friends.

Fish Oil for essential fatty acids

A good source of omega 3 – something human bodies can’t produce naturally – fish oil contains essential nutrients that are good for many major organs. Fish oil is also beneficial for people who suffer from joint aches and pains. Fish oil can also provide protection from cardiovascular disease, help maintain healthy brain function, increase energy levels, and much more!

O2B Omega 3 fish oil is safe, Mercury tested, and is proudly made in New Zealand. It is free from yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, and any artificial flavours or preservatives.

MSM Powder for optimal health and wellbeing

Pets can benefit greatly from MSM Powder, as it contains ingredients – such as Sulfur – that promote good health. More than that, it can also be used to relieve your pets’ allergies, and even give them a bit of comfort during a gastrointestinal upset. MSM promotes cellular permeability, which enables nutrients and water to flow freely, but also has the ability to eliminate toxins from your pets’ bodies.

Just like humans, animals too can suffer from joint pains. Adding O2B MSM powder to your pets’ food as a dietary supplement can greatly assist in soothing their stiff muscles and joints. It also promotes healthy growth of their fur, and supports their connective tissues.

K9 Plus for peak joint health

It can be tough when dogs are limited in their activities due to poor joints. O2B Healthy has formulated yummy treats for your pets, designed to enhance their joint health, vitality, and wellbeing, at all life stages.

O2B K9 Plus are high palatable joint supplements that are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which improve your pets’ mobility. The range of benefits includes:

⦁ Support for joint lubrication and mobility
⦁ Promotion of new cell and tissue development
⦁ Support healing and production of cartilage
⦁ Enhanced energy and stamina
⦁ Healthy skin and shiny coat

Not to mention that it is made from 100% NZ natural marine ingredients. Through regular intake, or as prescribed by the vet, K9 Plus will allow your pets the freedom to run free.

Protect and Enhance your Pets’ Health!

We understand how important it is to give your pets the same care, love, and attention as you would give any other member of your family. That’s why we make sure to provide both you and your animal friends natural supplements that are safe and effective. Contact O2B Healthy to learn more about our natural products.

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